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Not Just for Joints: 4 Powerful Health Benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate

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Glucosamine is a compound best known for its joint-boosting, pain-relieving benefits. Glucosamine is found naturally in the cartilage of the joints and acts as a natural joint lubricant and shock absorber.

Glucosamine is comprised of chains of sugars and proteins that are bound together. Easily the most popular natural supplement for people who suffer from arthritis, taking glucosamine daily can bring pain relief in just four to eight weeks.

Glucosamine sulfate, rather than glucosamine hydrochloride or N-acetyl glucosamine, is the most commonly recommended type of glucosamine and has been the subject of a large body of research showing multiple ways it benefits your body.


Four Major Health Benefits of Glucosamine

Glucosamine sulfate contains powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, making it a particularly potent supplement. Here’s what glucosamine sulfate can do for your body.


Improve Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Osteoarthritis causes joint pain resulting from pressure and friction on your joints over time. The most common type of arthritis in the world, osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, but a long-term, daily dose of glucosamine sulfate can help prevent further damage, especially in the hips and knees.

For some people, glucosamine sulfate relieves pain so well that users no longer need to rely on prescription medications, and it can even eliminate the need for surgery. For even more powerful pain relief, combine glucosamine sulfate with chondroitin sulfate.


Improve Digestion and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Glucosamine has been shown through research to help repair tissues and reduce inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel diseases. It may also help repair the stomach, bladder, and intestinal lining.

A University College School of Medicine study found that glucosamine is effective for treating Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, even when those conditions don’t improve with anti-inflammatory medications or antibiotics. It may also help reduce intestinal permeability, which is the cause of leaky gut syndrome.


Relieve TMJ Symptoms

TMJ is a condition that affects the temporo-mandibular joint in the jaw, which connects the jaw to the skull. Characterized by headaches, jaw and neck pain, and insomnia, TMJ is typically treated with medication, physical therapy, and bite guards.

The inflammation in the temporo-mandibular joint worsens your pain, making it difficult to eat and talk. Studies show that glucosamine sulfate is as effective as ibuprofen for relieving TMJ pain after 12 weeks of daily use, and with long-term consistent use, it helps reduces inflammation in the jaw to improve healing.

Reduce Bone Pain

For people with low bone density, bone pain, or a history of bone fractures, glucosamine sulfate can promote bone healing and reduce your pain, especially if you also have arthritis or chronic joint pain. Research suggests that glucosamine sulfate helps maintain the health of articular cartilage surrounding the bones, and it decreases your pain and increases physical function.

How to Take Glucosamine

Glucosamine sulfate is one of the safest supplements available. For the best results for arthritis, joint pain, digestion, and optimal bone health, take 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine sulfate daily.

Prostavol’s Advanced Joint Support is a potent glucosamine sulfate supplement, containing 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine sulfate and 150 milligrams of chondroitin sulfate, along with other research-based ingredients like bromelain, turmeric, and quercetin.

A daily dose of Advanced Joint Support helps reduce joint and bone pain, keep your bones and joints healthy and improve digestion for better health and overall wellbeing.

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