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Your Winter Weather Prostate Protection Guide To Feeling Your Absolute Best

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Have you felt the cold air blowing through your entire body? Does it remind you that things could get a little unpleasant with your prostate? Winter has officially arrived.

It may seem strange that the seasons would influence your prostate health, but they do. A study done in 2010 showed that dry and cold weather correlated with poor prostate health. It seems that the combination of lower temperatures and a prostate not adequately protected from the cold can lead to problems.

But it's more than just the colder weather. One of the keys to a healthy prostate is exercise. In winter, we simply do not move our bodies as much. And not only does cold weather – and football and basketball season – turn us into couch potatoes – but it becomes more challenging to get the kind of nutrition that promotes good prostate health.

You have to know that poor prostate health in winter is not a done deal. Read on to reveal six science-backed healthy lifestyle habits that will help boost the health of your prostate and keep it running smoothly during the cold weather months ahead.


Drink Two Liters Everyday

During the hot summer months, we naturally drink lots of water. For obvious reasons, but the opposite is true in winter. In winter, as fluid consumption declines, so does the amount of urine we produce. Low urine flow presents a problem for your prostate. When you urinate, the fluid movement helps flush out bacteria from your bladder and urinary tract.

Prostatitis occurs when bacteria in your urinary tract back up and make their way into your prostate, causing pain, inflammation, and infection. Be sure to drink two liters of fluids per day to keep your urine diluted, and your bladder continually flushed out.


Avoid Sitting for Too Long

We're more likely to sit for more extended periods in the winter months. Prolonged sitting both inflames your prostate and promotes germs to accumulate in your urinary tract that induces prostatitis. Make a point of standing up and walking around for at least 5 minutes every hour. If inclement weather keeps you inside the house, a few trips up and down the stairs will do the trick.


Keep Things Clean

Showering every day in summer is more necessary to wash away sweety built-up bacteria and keep body odor at bay. However, men tend to get lazy in the winter months, and the number of showers drops by half.

The problem here is that bacteria can make their way up to your prostate and cause issues - so keep clean. Even if you don't shower daily in the winter, make sure to wash your genital area every day to help prevent problems.


Exercise Regularly

We are not as active in the winter months and stay indoors much more due to cold weather. With gyms closed or restricted this year, it's going to be even more of an issue to get enough exercise.

Don't let the cold weather and closed facilities be your excuse to let regular exercise go by the wayside. A half-hour trudge in good boots through the snow is an incredible workout. There's plenty of exercise classes available online designed to slim you down or muscle you up.

Now might be the time to install the home gym you've always wanted or, at the very least, invest in some dumbbells to get you going.


Watch What You Eat & Drink

Our diets tend to change – not for the better – in winter, especially during the holidays. We're more likely to indulge in comfort foods loaded with fat and sugar, both contributing to poor prostate health.

Holiday treats and alcoholic beverages don't help either. Eat well and in moderation and include as many fresh fruits and vegetables every day as possible.

Eating smart helps more than your prostate; it also boosts your immune system health and helps reduce inflammation. Try to limit fatty and high-sugar foods to special occasions only.


Supplement with Proven Ingredients

A vast amount of research has been conducted on herbal remedies that claim they support good prostate health. Some standouts shown in clinical studies to help reduce symptoms of enlarged prostate and prostatitis include: saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, and nettle leaf. These ingredients work by helping reduce the enlarged prostate's size, which promotes a full emptying of the bladder, better urine flow, reduced urgency, and fewer night interruptions.

Prostavol's Prostate Support contains all of these proven ingredients along with 29 more powerful herbs and minerals that support your prostate, including medicinal mushroom extracts, lycopene, and quercetin.

A healthy diet and quality, proven supplements go a long way toward protecting your healthy prostate function through the winter months as well as improving your overall health and wellbeing. Take action now for the improved quality of life you deserve.



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