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The Top 8 Worst Foods for Your Prostate Health

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Good prostate health requires good overall health, which can't be achieved if you consistently eat unhealthy food. While we're all pretty familiar with what foods are bad for us, some foods that are deemed healthy in most circles can actually lead to prostate problems if you eat them on a regular basis. Here are eight foods that are particularly devastating for prostate health. If you can't nix them from your diet altogether, do what you can to reduce your consumption to promote better prostate health and overall better health and virility.

#1 Red and Processed Meats

There's nothing like a thick, medium-rare steak to make a man feel like a man, but red meat can do a number on your prostate. Red meat--including beef, pork, mutton, goat, and veal--and processed meats, including sausage, hot dogs, and lunch meats, have been categorized as Group 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization. This means that these foods increase the risk of cancer, including prostate cancer. Other research backs up the claims, including studies published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention and the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

#2 Dairy Products

A large study involving more than 140,000 men found that the calcium in dairy foods--but not the kind contained in other foods--increase the risk for prostate cancer, as does a high intake of protein from dairy products. Researchers suspect this is due to steroid hormones in dairy foods that increase insulin-like growth factor 1, which plays a role in developing cancer.

#3 Canned Foods

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical used in the lining of food cans, and this substance has been linked to a number of problems, including prostate cancer, reproductive problems, infertility, and early puberty. It's also linked through animal studies to sperm damage and cell death in the testes. Opt for fresh and frozen food whenever possible, and save the canned foods for the zombie apocalypse.

#4 Fried and BBQ Chicken

A study of men with prostate cancer found that higher consumption of chicken skin was associated with double the risk of cancer progression. Researchers believe this is because poultry skin contains high levels of heterocyclic amines, which are mutagens that are found in high concentrations in heavily cooked poultry. These heterocyclic amines have been shown to cause prostate cancer in rats, and they damage DNA in human prostate tissues.

#5 Soy products

Soy products are becoming more popular, but men should avoid over-consuming soy-based foods. Studies show that non-fermented soy can increase estrogen levels in men, resulting in an imbalance in the ratio of estradiol to testosterone. This can lead to an increased risk of hormone-driven cancers including prostate cancer.

#6 Sugar

High sugar intake is a major risk factor for a number of cancers, including prostate cancer. Sugar produces higher insulin levels and levels of related growth factors that cause the growth and spread of cancer cells. Additionally, sugar can contribute to obesity, which is an important risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction. Refined sugar also increases the body's levels of cytokines, which cause inflammation, another important factor for prostatitis and prostate cancer.

#7 Eggs

A 2012 Harvard School of Public Health study found that choline intake was associated with an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. Choline is a macronutrient that's found in high concentrations in eggs. Reducing your egg intake to one or two a week, and finding other sources of protein, is essential for good prostate health.

#8 Saturated Fats

Saturated fat, which is found in deep-fried foods, is a major culprit associated with a number of health problems, including cancer and heart disease. Consuming fried foods gives you a large dose of aldehydes, heterocyclic amines, and acrylamide, which are carcinogenic agents that increase your risk of prostate cancer. Saturated fat can not only increase your risk of prostate cancer, but it can also increase the aggressiveness of the cancer.

A healthy prostate depends on a healthy diet. You don't need to cut any of these foods out of your diet completely--unless you want to--but reducing your intake and opting for a diet that's mostly plant-based can reduce your risk of prostate issues. In addition to a healthy diet, taking Prostavol promotes good prostate health, including helping to protect against prostatitis (prostate inflammation). Prostavol contains powerful, plant-based ingredients that promote better urine flow, protect against free radicals and improve overall prostate health.





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