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6 Signs You May Have an Enlarged Prostate

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It’s not uncommon for the prostate to grow as you age. For many men 50 and older, though, it can grow too much and negatively impact your quality of life. This condition is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), the medical name for an enlarged prostate.

It’s not always easy to know if you have BPH, so here are 6 signs that can help make you more aware:

Sign 1: Weak Flow

The prostate lies next to the urethra, a tube that urine flows through from the bladder. A healthy prostate does not disrupt this flow.

However, a swollen prostate can squeeze the urethra, causing the urine passage to become narrow and a weak urine stream.

Sign 2: Frequent Urge to Urinate

You feel sudden urges to go anytime, even if you have little or no urine in your bladder. The urge may be so strong that you feel like you can’t hold it until you’re in the bathroom.

These urges can significantly impact your life. If you wake up to go 2-3 times or more per night because of them, you could suffer from fatigue, loss of focus, moodiness, and lack of energy.

Sign 3: Hesitancy to Start Urinating

It sometimes happens. You go to urinate, and nothing comes out immediately. However, if it occurs regularly, something might be amiss.

When the prostate pushes too much against the urethra, the narrowed tube can prevent you from even starting. You stand there ready, yet it takes a while to get going. This is particularly frustrating if it has happened when you’ve urgently wanted to go.

Sign 4: Urge to Urinate Again Soon after Going

Have you ever finished going, yet still feel like your bladder is full? It’s a sign that your bladder wasn’t empty when the urine stopped flowing.

If this happens regularly, it could mean an enlarged prostate.

Sign 5: Stop and Start Urination

Typically, the flow of urine should be smooth and steady. But when the prostate is too big, urine could come out in interrupted spurts. You urinate a little and then it stops, even though you know there’s more.

We know how bothersome this is. Be careful not to force out the remaining urine as you might strain the various muscles in the pelvic area.

Sign 6: Dribbling or Leaking Urine after Going

You walk away from the toilet thinking you’re finished and can go about your business. Then, unexpectedly, more urine dribbles out.

This dribbling can leave you wondering if you have to go again is not only annoying but also very embarrassing.

Look out for these signs

These six signs don’t automatically mean you have an enlarged prostate. But a lack of symptoms doesn’t mean you’re in the clear, either.

See a urologist if you notice any of the above signs as they could be indicators of BPH.

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